Characteristics of Significant Battlefield 4 Hacks

The famous battlefield 4 hacks have extreme power to kill enemies, predict their movement, target the hidden opponents and shoot even if they are behind the wall. We have launched the cheats which have configuration option, so you can act according to the situation.

Aimbots BF4:

It is suitable for showing the movement and selecting a target to kill more than ten enemies instantly. Here are some of the features of this cheat:

  • Easy to find the target
  • On the spot Killing
  • Trouble-free Aiming
  • Noticeable target
  • Checks to show the distance
  • Auto mode for Knife and Fire

ESP Battlefield 4:

Always get the highest score by using multi-functional bf4 hacks. Know your opponents whether they are visible or hidden by checking their skeletons, ammo, name, health, media box, distance and bullets etc. Here are some of the features of this cheat:

  • ESP for  name
  • ESP for class
  • ESP for health
  • ESP for player box
  • ESP for distance
  • Easy to change colors


If you cannot target your enemies and most of your shots are missed frequently, use Removals battlefield 4 hacks to have benefit of no recoil, no sway, no fog, no smoke and no spread.

Anti-Cheat Software:    

As Battlefield 4 game developers have used Punkbuster and Fairfight to notice the hacks, so it becomes our foremost objective to handle these barriers. We are proud that our bf4 hacks are never perceived nor banned up till now.