Do you want to be popular on Instagram? Follow these tips to gain more followers

In the new era of technology and social networks, finding the way that a person leaves a positive comment or a “like” is surely among your priorities of life. However, it is often not so easy to get the attention of those people who are not your family or friends in some popular and competitive platforms such as Instagram . But if your goal is to stand out, do not worry, because here we’ll explain how to get more followers on Instagram.

Whether it is because you want to promote a product, your services or simply to raise your ego, in this guide we explain some steps so that this influx of followers increases.

Although it is almost impossible for you to get as many “likes” as Selena Gomez in the short term, buy instagram comments fast this tips are quite useful to take your page to a wider audience.

Oh! but if you are one of the people who would like to have more followers, but would not like all your publications to be completely public, do not worry, because thanks to a new feature called Favorites you can share certain publications with only a selective group of friends.


Ready to increase that number of followers on your Instagram?



One of the easiest ways to increase your followers is by simply using hashtags. The use of the most popular hashtags will make your photos more accessible for those who use the search function. If you would like to know which are the most famous and used hashtags, which could help position you, check our article about the most important hashtags according to the days of the week .



Commitment is crucial to increase your fan base. Although the fact that you like the images is an easy way to attract users, comment on photos and respond to other people on Instagram, without a doubt, adds a bit of personality to your profile.



It is completely proven that Instagram is worth more at the right moment, than the content (even if it is a great image). For example, if you post an image at 7 pm ET on a Monday, you are more than twice as likely to get “like” and comment as if you post it at 5 pm ET that same day.

As you read! Although it seems incredible, time has a vital meaning, since it symbolizes the hours in which you can find more people connected to the social network. But if it is very difficult for you to publish your images at those exact times, do not worry, because you can use the Later application to plan and schedule publications for those strategic hours.



Later analyzed the Instagram data and determined that Wednesday has the highest interaction rate of the week, so, if in doubt, save that selfie for the navel of the week.


Follow other accounts by strategy

As you can imagine, you are not the only person trying to expand the number of followers on your Instagram. If you want to find other followers, you can simply add those thirsty Instagram users who use hashtags like #followforfollow, #followme, and #likeforlike.

These people may be willing to follow you, if you follow them (like barter). However, it is important that you bear in mind, that, if they stop following the days of having added you, it is part of the game. So do not be surprised.



Writing an interesting and concise biography in the profile of your account is another easy way to boost your page. For entrepreneurs and artists, this allows them to clearly express the message of their brand and link it to their other professional web pages.



Get the juice out of your Instagram! It is very important to use your entire social network when you try to increase your number of followers on Instagram. For that, you can use the tool that allows you to connect your Instagram account to your list of contacts and Facebook, in order to quickly add friends, family and other people you do not frequent.

Also, to maximize your existing network, you can establish a link to your Instagram page through your other social networks, which means that LinkedIn could be really good for something after all. Also, if you consider that your Instagram page is relevant to your professional life, you can include it on your business card.



Without a doubt capturing a good photo to mount on Instagram is extremely important, but if you have an application that can help you improve the visual appeal of the images, it is greatly appreciated. Fortunately, we have good news for you, because this application does exist!

Instagram’s Layout (iOS and Android) application allows you to create collages and help your photos stand out from the crowd. Do not wait any longer and try it!