Skype for the Web: Features and login

It is easy to get access to the Skype for the web. All you have to do is create an account and login to it. It is basic and we all know that. But what we don’t know is that Skype for the Web can also be used without downloading it.

Skype for the Web features

Yes, although downloading Skype web messenger online is completely free and easy, you can also use the services of Skype without actually downloading it. And this is what the article is all about. And, if you have never used Skype for the Web without actually downloading it, then given below are the steps that would come in handy for you.

You do not always have to download the application to get access to the Skype for the web. All you can do is go to the browser and on the Search button, Type, and press enter. With this, you will be redirected to your Skype Account. You are then likely to see a login form. Enter your username and password in the space provided and you will be easily able to login to Hotmail and Skype for the web.
Plus, you can now get to access the services of Skype for the web Linux, video call, audio call, funny stickers and so much more without actually having to download it.

Once you have logged in, you are likely to enjoy a lot of exciting features of Skype. Such as the ones that are given below.

• Instant messaging.
• Skype SMS text messaging.
• Skype-to-Skype calling.
• Calling mobiles and landlines.
• Receiving Skype calls and calls to Skype Numbers.
• Skype video calling (1:1)
• Participating in group calls (audio only)
• Call forwarding

Well, it is exciting when you tend to get all these features all at one place, the Skype for the web. And the most amazing thing about these services is that it is absolutely free and gives you all of it without even costing a penny.

Skype for the Web Browser

However, sometimes it can be a real time-consuming thing to must go to your web browser, enter the login page, feed in your login credentials and then get access to the Skype for the web. Rather, you can always try the other step. Instead of going through the whole Skype web interface through your web browser, you can always download the app.

The main benefit of downloading the skype app is not only that you get access to the services without going anywhere except the desktop of your computer, but also that you no longer need to log in every single time that you wish t get access to your account.

If you want to download Skype on your PC/Laptop all you have to do is go to the official page and then hit, download Skype for the web. Choose a credible website from where you can download the application and then, you can easily create an account on Skype for Web Browser. Also, once you have logged in to the Skype for the web, you won’t need to log in every time that you want to enter Skype. Instead, you will just need to click on the Skype notification that appears on your desktop.