Steps to start investing in cryptocurrencies

From Quantum and as specialists in everything that has to do with management in general and in particular with the economy of the 21st century, we want to offer you a series of tips to invest in cryptocurrencies that will surely help you start your journey in one of the most interesting and fruitful investments of today. They are in fact one of the most interesting online payment formulas today and one of the alternatives that more and more customers are using gold ira companies.

1. – Decide which cryptocurrency to invest in

The concept of cryptocurrency is not something that includes only one type. Indeed, despite the fact that most people identify cryptocurrencies only with Bitcoin, it must be said that there are many other alternatives that, in fact, in some respects may be more interesting and advantageous than the better-known cryptocurrency.

That is why the first step to invest in cryptocurrencies is precisely to choose which of them is best for us. For example, Bitcoin is the one that has greater stability because it is more consolidated than the others. However, there may be other alternatives that have a much more profitable upside such as Litecoin or Ether. The difference between them is in their price as well as in their protocols and rules by which they are guided.

That is why we should first inform ourselves of the different alternatives to know which one to choose. Synthetically, we will present some of the advantages and disadvantages of the main cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin has the advantage of being the most consolidated cryptocurrency and the first to appear. It works with the largest and best known blockchain and is the most effective against computer attacks. However, due to its popularity, its demand has increased greatly and transactions have become more expensive. Regarding its mining and in general for any operation it consumes large amounts of energy.


Litecoin is one of the main alternatives to Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency that is capable of making transactions up to four times faster. It is a more accessible cryptocurrency for fans and for its mining, since the hardware for its mining is not as expensive as in the case of Bitcoin. However, it requires a lot of energy (just like Bitcoin) and is not as well-known as that one.

These two examples should be enough to understand that there are differences between the various alternatives that we should take into account when investing in cryptocurrencies.

2. – Choose the right moment

Largely as a consequence of the differences we have previously pointed out and due to the nature of the cryptocurrencies themselves (exactly the same as conventional or FIAT currencies), their price is not always the same. Therefore, we must be vigilant to know when the best time to invest is. This may not be so important in case we want to make a long-term investment, where cryptocurrencies always come out profitable in the long run.

In order to make a good investment, the ideal is that we set ourselves a budget to buy cryptocurrencies with which we can adjust the risk according to our preferences.

3. – Carry out our registration to invest in cryptocurrencies

The next step to invest in cryptocurrencies is to make a virtual portfolio where we can store our cryptocurrencies and from which we can operate with them. Thus, there are different types of wallets that depend on the type of cryptocurrency. In most cases they are accessible and free. This step is essential in order to obtain the support from which we will operate with our cryptocurrencies.

4. – We must enter the cryptocurrency market

Once we have selected the cryptocurrency that we want and we have provided ourselves with a portfolio for them, we can enter the market. It is in that market where transactions are carried out: a completely online platform where we can sell or, in our case, buy cryptocurrencies. A good market should be chosen according to the opinion of other users and that it has liquidity to be able to make our investments (that is, that it is crowded, that it has enough sellers and buyers)

5. – Invest in cryptocurrencies: carry out the purchase

Once we have made our registration in a cryptocurrency market, we can finally buy them. In the different platforms to buy them that exist, it is generally very simple and accessible. However, when the decision to invest has not yet been made, it is advisable to explore the different alternatives throughout the days.

As you will have seen if you have reached this point, knowledge when investing in cryptocurrencies is essential. Therefore, it is always advisable to inform yourself as much as possible before each step. The same goes for platforms where we can finally buy them.

It is advisable to consult the opinion of other users before doing so to maximize our operation. Either way, it should always be kept in mind that cryptocurrency blockchain technology makes them very secure and reliable. For the same reason, they represent a very interesting investment for the future that is in fact on the rise.