Testosterone – 5 Myths About This Male Hormone

Testosterone is present in both men and in women, though men have much higher levels. It’s needed for energy, muscles, mood and your sex drive. As you get older the levels of testosterone naturally decline, which is why men who are going through andropause tend to lose their hair, put a lot of weight on their belly, and their libido takes a nosedive.

There are a lot of myths surround testosterone, and you may tend to think of it as being something negative that only WWF wrestlers and body builders inject to gain a tremendous amount of muscle with. While some people do tend to misuse steroids, testosterone isn’t dangerous or life-threatening when used correctly male enhancement reviews.

Here are some other busted myths about testosterone:

Testosterone is illegal –

Since testosterone is a natural hormone it isn’t illegal. Men are prescribed testosterone supplements and pills every day since it’s a much-needed hormone. When you went from a prepubescent boy to a young man, it was the result of testosterone. This hormone is also responsible for erections, sex drive, and the production of sperm. The only way testosterone is illegal is if you buy it without a doctor’s prescription.

Testosterone is dangerous –

Although testosterone is a steroid, it isn’t dangerous unless it’s not taken according to your doctor’s prescription. You’ve probably heard that steroid use can lead to “roid rage,” liver failure, and a host of other dangerous and often deadly health problems. These types of steroids are different than testosterone, they’re an anabolic steroid hormone to help build muscles big and fast. So, you don’t have to worry about so-called dangerous side-effects of testosterone.

Testosterone leads to irritability –

Studies have shown that testosterone doesn’t lead to violent behavior, angry outbursts, or extreme irritability. On the contrary, some investigations have shown that low levels of this natural male hormone can cause mood swings and irritability. Of course, too much of anything isn’t a wise idea, but with normal levels of testosterone men can experience significant and positive changes in their overall mood and energy levels.

Testosterone causes cancer –

There has been concern that testosterone can cause prostate cancer which has been shown to be untrue. Men who have taken prescriptions of testosterone from their doctor haven’t had an increase in prostate cancer, except in castrated men. The vast majority of men aren’t castrated.

With these testosterone myths laid to rest, you may want to talk with your doctor about a prescription for this hormone if you find that you’re low energy, are feeling depressed, have noticed muscle weakness, are irritable, and have a decreased sex drive. Testosterone may help you feel better.

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