Performix SST Review: Does It Work?

Performix SST is a fat burner that has gained mass popularity and sells exclusively through GNC. It’s easy to believe this is a good supplement and many of you have even received a recommendation from a gnc representative, but they’ll say anything to close a sale.

Many consumers will research a product before they buy it, but researching SST is very difficult. Its online search results contain very poor and biased information, so we’ve compiled the best data to make an accurate and unbiased review for you.

The persuasive GNC representative recommendations and the stylish Performix SST packaging can persuade even the most skeptical customer, but thorough research should always be done before the purchase of any health product. So we’ve brought you the truth about SST and if it’s effective.

What Is Performix SST All About?

Performix sells only at GNC but it retails worldwide and has many online retailers like and It’s offered in a powder and capsule form, and the one month supply will sell for around $60 – $100 depending the retailer but the best price is on Amazon.

The good part is that the Performix pill and powder form both come in a thirty day supply. If you make your purchase at Amazon that’s only $1.80 a serving, which is a great price. However if you purchase it anywhere else it’s $3 a serving, which is no longer cost effective.

Performix costs more than most supplements that we review, so anyone would want a second recommendation before such a purchase. However many Performix sst review are either black or white, for some this supplement is bad but for the others it’s a great experience.

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